Female ascended masters

Here is a question I posed in the April 28, World Satsanga. Who are the ascended lady masters from Source Entities? In summary, there are only five main female ascended masters [associated with Source Entities]. But there are only 12 main ascended masters associated with a Source Entity. Germain as well. So St. Germain seems to be quite a common factor here. He has done quite a lot of work with the Earth in this particular level.

So working with St. Germain as a daughter of that particular entity is interesting. More recently as Edna Ballardwho went through lots of issues associated with being persecuted for her work and bringing the message of her inner strength and the work of St.

So that particular ascended master has been here quite recently as well. Now Lady Magda is one, who is again a twin flame of Sananda. So basically Lady Magda was a twin flame of Jesus, and incarnated as Magdalene, and has done lots of the work associated with Sananda or Jesus.

Lady Nada also worked with Jesus, as it happened, specifically serving with Jesus, so to speak. Germain as a twin flame, and St. She was not an Ascended master in the higher meaning of it, the same quality of evolution, but she was of a similar level, according to Needler. What Are True Ascended Masters?

Do Source Entities Ever Retire? What Is the True Jesus Story? What Is Universal Motherhood? How Does Reincarnation Work? What Is the Law Of Gender? What Are the Evolved White Children? What Is the New Golden Rule? What Is the Big Picture? Who Is Guy Needler? After your lecture on the Ascended Masters associated with Source Entities SEsmy readers would like to know more about the ascended masters, who incarnated in female bodies. This is important to know given that our history books have generally left out things like the 12 female disciples of Jesus that worked with 12 male disciples to create 12 full disciples that worked together in pairs.

female ascended masters

Would you please take this opportunity to give us some examples of female ascended masters, particularly those associated with the 12 Source Entities and others? We know some of them had female counterparts e. A true Ascended Master is an entity that has ascended through ALL of the 12 full dimensions of our multiverse, which gets them back to being one with Source.

A Master is somebody, who has mastered karma while on Earth. They have moved out of the need to incarnate at any level of the physical universe.

female ascended masters

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Close Menu.Those who have the term god or goddess with their name are Cosmic Masters, and have attained god consciousness. The list is by no means complete, as these are only some of those who are choosing to work closest with the Earth at this time and so are in our awareness. There are also a vast number of Masters working on other paths.

Aloha — Feminine Elohim of the 6th Ray — her twin flame is Peace. Alpha — the highest manifestation of the god energy in the Central Sun, his twin is Omega. He works closely with Ptah and Archangel Michael. He is a protector. Anubis - egyptian god of the underworld. Apollo — Elohim of the 2nd ray and twin flame of Lumina, they are guardians of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Arcturus — Elohim of the 7th ray along with his twin flame Victoria. Ares - a 2nd ray Cosmic Master.

A warrior Master. He chose to stay on earth with a physical body, till all of humanity ascended. This is a service of great value as his presence anchors the Light of the higher planes into the earth. Brahma — is part of the Hindu trinity, of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the creator aspect. Cha Ara — a Fifth Ray Master.

Chamuel — the Archangel of the third ray, he is a manifestation of Divine Love. A first ray Master. Charity — a female Archangel of the first ray. She was thought to be on the third ray but her aura colours place her on the first ray, as does her energy.

Deva of Light — A Cosmic Being. Deva of the Central Sun — a Cosmic Being. Deva of the 7th Ray - A cosmic Being. He is a 3rd ray Master. Elijah — the prophet, as mentioned in the Bible.

Ascended Master List

He returned to earth as John, the Baptist though he was already an Ascended Master. Eros — also known as the god of Love. Faith — Archeia of the third ray. She is thought to be of the first ray, but her aura colours place her on the third ray. A 6th ray Master. Helios — god of the Central Sun. Heros — Elohim of the 3rd ray. Many think they are the same Being, but their energies are very different.

She is a 3rd ray Master. She is a 6th ray Master. Lakshmi — goddess of Prosperity. She is a 3rd ray Cosmic Master. Her aura blends from deep rose out to gold.The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries. Most of the time in the past the Ascended Masters have worked in the background. There were some Ascended Masters who have assisted mankind such as Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara came ages ago to give assistance to the Earth when it would have been dissolved otherwise. He offered His own free will to supply the Light required to sustain the Earth and keep the Earth in the system until enough so mankind could be raised to a point where they could carry the responsibility of emitting sufficient Light. He is the Cosmic Father of the people of America.

Saint Germain's work for the freedom of mankind began in that civilization seventy thousand years ago; when a whole civilization could have been raised into the Ascension had they continued to give obedience instead of becoming rebellious.

Saint Germain's most recent work with mankind came forth in the 's. He worked with Mr. Ballard to establish the focus on the "I AM" Presence. Jesus Christ is known as Sananda in the inner planes. He is the Master of the sixth ray, the ray of abstract idealism and devotion, which is indigo. During His incarnation as Jesus, He was a high priest in the order of Melchizedek and was overshadowed during His life by Lord Maitreya.

He works with Archangel Uriel to bring peace, brotherhood, service and freedom to people. Many missionaries, lawyers, public servants, social workers, blue collar workers, farmers and business people are on this ray.

Also called "Mother of the World. She protects women and children and intercedes in healing. El Morya came originally from Mercury and is a member of the White Brotherhood. He works with Archangel Michael and is the chohan or master of the first ray, which is red and governs power and will, drive, confidence and strength.

He works with rulers, executives, public servants, the military, sports people and those who are commanders. Working to transform the aggressive human from domination to the will to do good. Head of all Esoteric Schools.This free script provided by JavaScript Kit. Lady Nada.

Ascended master

El Morya. Mary Magdalene. Divine Light Images from Birgitte Fich. Who are the Ascended Masters? The Ascended Masters are beings who having ascended previously on planet earth, who have cut the pathway for us and who now support us on higher dimensional realms from the high 4th, 5th, 6th They are assisting us with the embodiment of our Christed Selves and our Ascension.

Call upon any or all of the Ascended Master's as you feel drawn by your spirit to do so. There is much help available to you from them to assist your awakening, all that is needed is for you to request their assistance. Because of the cosmic non-interference directive, the honoring of individual sovereignty and free-will, no one on the higher dimensions can assist you without your request.

These awesome beings including the Angels are anxiously awaiting your requests for assistance and divine communion. Ascended Master's in general and each specific one, is and has an energy that is available to everyone to access and work with. You may feel more aligned to certain Ascended Master's because you work with that specific Ascended Master.

They are part of your Soul Group, Councils Essentially, these beings are your friends. They are not beings to worship, but to bring their energy into your fields and life, and to bring yourself to them on higher levels, including Shamballa. The purpose of bringing yourself to them and inviting them into your life is to be entrained to their Divine Vibration, which is always the gift of communing with any master, incarnate or discarnate, as your energy is increased just by being in their presence and very strong picture of Divine Reality.

You may have already ascended on other planets, if this is the case, then you are an Ascended Master. You may have already ascended on this one, and have returned to assist your brothers and sisters in their awakening process. Regardless, everyone is ascending in this lifetime, and eventually, this entire planet will be filled with Ascended Masters. The use of their names and surrounding yourself with their images, sparks a remembrance and a knowing of their vibration, the Christ vibration, and accelerates your own vibration to similar levels.

Ascended Masters: "Masters who have served several incarnations in the lower heavens teaching the Cosmic Law of the Universe and who have ascended back into the presence of the Father from whence they receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love. Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters. Angels, Archangels. Shasta and the Subterranean City of Telos within, and the complete Agartha Network of subterranean cities within earth…. Mother-Ships There are several great mother ships easily the size of planet Earth.

Some of these great ships are the New Jerusalem, the Phoenix, the Ashtar Command Fleet, Tetros which is also known by many other namesthe Blue Nova, and many others. More Angel Stuff:. He works under Archangel Michael.In the Ascended Master Teachings of a number of movements in the Theosophical tradition, [1] Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Ascended Master is based on the theosophical concept of the Mahatma or Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. However, Mahatmas and Ascended Masters are believed by some to differ in certain respects. According to the Ascended Master Teachings, a "Master", "Commoner", "Shaman", or "Spiritual Master" is a human being who has taken the Fifth Initiation and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 5th dimension.

An "Ascended Master" is a human being who has taken the Sixth Initiation, also referred to as Ascension, [2] and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 6th dimension. A "Chohan" Lord of a "Ray" is an Ascended Master who has been placed in charge of one of the 12 "Rays" until recently, 7 Rays were generally known, and 5 Rays were "secret"due to having an extraordinary natural spiritual affinity for that Ray.

A "Ray" is a concentrated stream of spiritual energy emanating, ultimately, from the Godhead. These senior administrative posts are divided into 3 departments: The Department of the Manu, the Department of the Planetary Christ, and the Department of the Mahachohan.

A "Lord of the World" is a human being or another organism who has taken the Ninth Initiation.

Lady Master Nada - Lords of the 7 Rays

According to ascended master teaching, The Ninth Initiation is the highest Initiation possible on, what is believed to be a 9th-dimensional planet grid such as Earth by Ascended Master Teaching believers.

They believed this will be until the end of 21 December Sanat Kumara a "Lord of the Flame" originally from the higher-dimensional levels of the planet Venus was the original being who held the spiritual office of "Lord of the World" here on planet Earth. The term "Ascended Master" was first used by Baird T. Godfre Ray King further popularized this concept of spiritual masters who had once lived on the earth in his book Unveiled Mysteries [3] by Guy Ballard Her emphasis was on learning to feel and identify with the I AM Presence within, rather than invoking the "Presence" as an external mental principle.

Under her tutelage, Peter Mt. Shasta was trained to continue the Masters' teachings, working today to incorporate the inner teachings of the Far East and their emphasis on self-observation, with the dynamic I AM teachings that uses affirmations to develop mastery in daily life.

In Peter Mt. Shasta 's third autobiographical book My Search in Tibet for the Secret Wish-Fulfilling Jewel he mentions the widely held belief in Tibet that yogis ascend, jalus Tibetanby dissolving the five elements and raising the Nirmanakaya and Sambogakaya bodies into the Dharmakaya known also as Atman, Monad, or I AM Presence. The rays, the divine evolutions of peoples and planets are represented by 7 colors new age and more 5 colors new age gold or solar rays.

The colors of new age and solar rays are in order : 1 blue power of faith ; 2 yellow obedience ; 3 pink beauty; geniality ; 4 white ascension; peace; light ; 5 green nature ; 6 red true resurrection ; 7 violet New Age of Master Saint Germain ; 8 turquoise lucidity ; 9 magenta divine wonder; justiciars ; 10 gold materialization of wealth ; 11 orange sunshine ; 12 Opaline renewal.

Students of Ascended Master Teachings organizations also known as Ascended Master Activities believe that the Presence of Life — God — individualizes as "Mighty I AM Presences," which then incarnate in lower-dimensional subtle and gross bodies throughout the created universes.Saint Germain has experienced a number of notable embodiments and a long history of striving in the service of man and God. For many years, Hannah had no children. One year when Hannah and Elkanah went to the temple to make sacrifices and pray, Hannah begged God to allow her to have a child.

To be barren in those days was a source of shame for women and was considered an indication that one was not favored by God. A priest named Eli saw Hannah praying and realized her predicament. He blessed her and assured her that God had heard her prayers.

A year later she gave birth to Samuel.

female ascended masters

And, as she had promised, brought Samuel to Eli as a young child to serve with him in the temple. And Samuel accepted this holy work, travelling throughout Israel, urging the various tribes to work together and to cease worshipping idols. It came about that the tribes desired a king to rule over them. Samuel was urged by them to appoint the one who would be their leader. They would know only oppression. Their choice was a man named Saul.

In response, Samuel secretly anointed David as the true king of Israel. Listen to Saint Germain's HeartStreams. Read and listen to Saint Germain's prophecies. In addition to what is commonly known about Saint Joseph from New Testament accounts, information in apocryphal writings and more recent revelations fill in some details.

In contrast to traditional portrayals, Joseph was more than merely a carpenter. Joseph, like Mary and Jesus, experienced visitations by angels. An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream to reassure him that he should marry Mary although she was many years younger than he. After the birth of Jesus, an angel warned Joseph that Herod sought the life of the newborn. Joseph made his transition before Jesus entered into the fullness of his teaching and healing ministry. Yet Joseph had fulfilled his inner vow to protect Mary and to nurture and instruct Jesus.

Roger Bacon was born in Somerset, England in Bacon pursued a life as a scholar and was engaged in academic and theological studies for decades.

He became a professor at Oxford, specializing in philosophy. Eventually he became a friar in the Franciscan Order, but this prevented him from holding a teaching post. His activities were further restricted by a Franciscan statute in forbidding friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval. The new Pope issued a mandate ordering Bacon to write to him concerning the place of philosophy within theology.By Steven Bancarz Who are ascended masters?

If you are familiar with the New Age movement, you may have heard this term used before to describe beings like Buddha, Jesus, and St. Ascended Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood or Secret Chiefs, are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but have went through spiritual transformation to the point of reaching ascension.

There are 7 rays of ascension and all of the supposed ascended masters are categorized under these rays according to their spiritual qualities, characteristics, and type of message they taught. They all have surpassed the birth cycle, have more good karma than bad karma, and no longer need to be reborn since they have surpassed 6th level initiation.

Initiations are levels of consciousness and stages of soul development, and the more universal your consciousness becomes the higher you move up the ranks of initiation until you hit the 4th level of initiation where its no longer necessary for you to reincarnate. People meditate to contact ascended masters, pray to ascended masters, and even use ascended master oracle card decks for spiritual guidance and wisdom. In the New Age community, they have almost become some sort of gods that some people even pray to for protection from darkness and negative spirits in the astral planes.

This is thought of as something being totally harmless and spiritually safe. But as we are about to see, the Ascended Masters have much darker origins. Crowley was a famous occultist and satanist from the s. He used to torture and kill animals, use menstrual blood for spell casting, has openly admitted to making blood sacrifices to demons, and performed sex magik on his mistresses, 5 of which ended up committing suicide.

He was also a 33rd degree freemason, a heroin addict, and believed that:. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim…For for nearly all purposes relating to magic, human sacrifice is the best. After reading about the Great White brotherhood in a book called The Cloud Upon the SanctuaryCrowley wanted to ascend to the top of the latter.

At the top of this order as the highest ranking beings sat the Secret Chiefs of the planetary order the ascended masters. One of these Secret Chiefs he believed in was named Aiwass. This book is a staple in any Satanists and black magicians library. The ideas of ascended masters was first really introduced in the Occult in the late s, but was fully developed and popularized as a mature concept aroundby C. Leadbeater and Alice A. Alice A Baliey is a famous occultist, a pioneer in metaphysics, and prominent member of the Theosophical Society which is a metaphysical school that basically founded the New Age movement.

Goddess, your female energies-power

Alice Bailey was a member of the Theosophical society and this society is typically regarded as being what started the entire New Age movement. The Theospophical society was a mystery school that taught esoteric knowledge and ancient mysteries. The founder of the Theosophical Society was a blatant satanist named Helena Blavatsky who was a 32nd degree freemason. There are well over references to Satan in The Secret Doctrine, which was the primary work of the founder of the Theosophical Society.

To read more quotes of hers on Satan you can click here.

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