Hyosung 650 engine

Quick Links. Table of Contents. GT E-mail: info scanmi. Without such knowledge and skills, you should not attempt servicing by relying on this manual only. The text of this manual is divided into sections. Page 4 SYMBOL Listed in the table below are the symbols indicating instructions and other information necessary for servicing and meaning associated with them respectively.

Data beside it indicates specified torque. Apply oil. Pay special attention to the messages highlighted by these signal words.

Vehicle Identification Number is stamped on the steering head tube. The engine seri- al number is located on the left down of crankcase assembly. These numbers are required especially for registering the machine and ordering spare parts.

An unleaded gasoline type is recommended. If this is not available, use an equivalent which is compatible with an aluminum radiator. Major lubrication points are indicated below. To install the tappet shim at original position, record the shim NO.

Wait until the radiator and the engine are cool enough to touch. If it is extremly worn or burnt, replace the plug. And also replace the plug if it has a broken insula- tor, damaged thread, etc. Remove the fuel tank. Clutch play should be 2 mm 0. Oil fil- ter replacement at the above intervals, should be together with the engine oil change. Page Drive Chain Hyosung motors genuine oil filter is also not usable for the motocycles.

If the dis- tance exceeds the service limit, the chain must be replaced. Service limit Drive chain Page Brake System Some drive chain lubricants contain solvents and Clean the drive chain with kerosene only. Use Hyosung chain lube or an equivalent that is specifically intended for use with X-Oring chains.

Do not use or mix dif- ferent types of fluid such as silicone-based or petroleum-based. Do not use any brake fluid taken from old, used or unsealed containers. Never re-use brake fluid left over from the last servicing or stored for a long period. Loosen the switch fitting screws and adjust the timing by moving the switch body forward or backward.

Page Tire The use of tires other than those specified may cause instability. Check to see the radiator hose for crack, damage or engine coolant leakage. If any defects are found, replace the radiator hoses with new ones. This will give a good indication of the condition of the moving parts.

Standard Oil pressure 2.Cracked or broken Plug cap 2. Front sprocket nut comes off from the bolt. Engine oil EO gets low if one travel long distance. Read the article below on how to fix this. Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance. Stainless steel pipe 2. Top Gear indicator 3.

Better quality handlebars 4. Better Monoshock, perhaps Ohlins brand? Provide extended warranty to 20K KM.

Just like other bikes, every machine has its own problems. However, there are nothing major for Hyosung but things can be improved in the future. If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons. January 5, December 18, September 15, November 2, November 11, July 6, April 14, Just being asked that question is significant in a motorcycle world that's been dominated by products from Japan, America and Europe for the last 50 years.

Are Korean motorcycles ready for prime time? We here at MO spent a lot of time discussing the Hyosung.

hyosung 650 engine

Maven Ashley had read it was just a rebadged SV, as Hyosung is rumored to manufacture engines and other components for Suzuki test I maintained it was just the motor that was similar.

We tried to get a test unit from the distributor, but no luck. Not only did he have a brace of Hyosung GTs in stock for us to paw over, he also had a Factory Pro dynamometer and a local friend with a stock fuel-injected SVS for us to compare.

Hyosung is an interesting company, and you might even be riding a one now. They've been building motorcycles since and have the production capacity to buildunits a year. Their lineup includes dirtbikes, cruisers, standards and sportbikes, in addition to ATVs and other vehicles. Their components are used in many other major brands, and they build motorcycles for one or more Japanese manufacturers that are exported worldwide.

Is it the SV? Hyosung and Suzuki won't say. Introduced in other markets last year, the GTR is a modern sportbike that shares no components with any other bike I've seen. It uses a steel frame and swingarm to contain a cc, dual-overhead-camshaft, eight-valve, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. There is a monoshock with preload adjuster connected to the frame via a linkage in back, and a burly-looking top triple clamp and upside-down fork in front.

Triple disc brakes slow the whole thing down. Factory claimed dry weight is pounds, compared to the Suzuki's claimed The GT "R" model with the full fairing looks great, with smoother and more finished styling than the SV's.

The GT "S" model, with a half fairing, also has a more finished and sleeker look than the Suzuki. There is some good attention to detail, as it seems to have been assembled properly, with no unseemly gaps or poorly routed cables.

There is a strap to secure the passenger seat, adjustable rearsets, and though the Bridgestone BT56 tires are an older model, they are known to be grippy and long-wearing. The front end is very good, with easy-to-adjust damping but no preload adjusterstiff looking, upside-down fork assemblies and beefy triple clamps.

hyosung 650 engine

Brakes are two-piston, sliding-pin calipers in the front grabbing floating rotors, similar to the Suzuki's. The component quality of was a little poorer than I expected. The plastic is that brittle, older-style ABS, and the paint has a fair amount of orange peel. The clutch lever rattles, and the brake lever isn't adjustable.The first thing that will strike you about the Hyosung GV Aquila, before you sit on it, before you fire it up, is the look.

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The styling is tautly fluid like a droplet shaped by surface tension with flowing curves. It instantly invokes thoughts of a "V-Rod light", but with a hint of Yamaha Warrior thrown into a design ethos rooted in a profusion of deep and sweeping chrome. The look is stunning, modern and classic all at once, and while inspired by other brands, is much more original than the mobs of Harley-esque clones swamping the Sunday roads. Thumbing the starter the GV comes to life, and after the choke has been sorted the engine note is a portent of further good things to come.

The track is an odd place to test a cruiser, but then the GV is not a standard issue offering and that's because normally in cruiser land there is a high price of style; under the weight of chrome and leather, performance is quickly and thoroughly crushed.

The recipe for a cruiser is a tried and true one, a torque laden v-twin engine, a relaxed foot forward chassis, comfortable all day ergonomics, and style. Hyosung has done up a proper cruiser in all these respects, and then they went on to mix it up a bit, like a modern martini versus a classic dry offering.

The end result extends the class and amuses the rider's pallet a lot more than the tried, tired and true cruiser mix. The key ingredient to this potion is the engine. Twist the throttle and the fuel flows through the twin mm Mikumi carbs with a smooth linear feeling, and pickup that leaves one with a heady sensation. While testing the Honda Shadow Aero last year, I was left wanting when it came to the passes - with the GV that will not be the case.

The cc degree twin spins up quickly, and feels best between and rpm. Right there, those RPM figures tell you everything you need to know about the cocktail being served up; an engine that feels strong where many other cruisers are slamming against the redline. Those figures aren't power cruiser territory, until you factor in that the Aquila is light, kg claimed dry. Honda's Shadowcomes in at kg, but only lays claim to a mere 43 hp.

Hyosung GT 650

Suddenly the GV 's output seems like a good amount of poke, and if this were a game of alcoholic content, the Hyosung's a shooter to the rest of the entry-level cruiser pack's "bland-name" beer. The Aquila's sporting aspirations shun the regular cruiser disappointment of twisting the loud handle and having more noise issue from a supra-litre lump and little to show for it.

This small wonder may offer a pleasant blend of both the cruiser and sport worlds. The top speed is a claimed kph, and there's no reason to think that the GV won't push into that neighborhood. The trade-off is you won't be idling around town in the top gear 5thbut that's a small concern.

As soon as you open the throttle the Aquila reveals itself in a wash of acceleration and a rich low-key engine note for what it is; a proper free revving sport-cruiser. The sparkling engine is mixed with a lighter cleaner flavor, the Aquila's sprightly handling. Despite the Aquila's stretched out disposition, the steering is light and precise. The leverage offered by the comfortable bar position is excellent.

The ride quality rendered by the Korean made 41mm Shin Woo upside forks, complemented by the twin rear shocks is good, coping with the moderate bumps and wallows the St-Eustache course offers with aplomb. Still, real world testing will reveal more about the suspension's nature than any track, given that BC's roads in no way approach manicured or periodically even maintained.

At a mid-way adjustment of both front and back suspenders, the GV felt solid and planted and that let us do something we don't often attempt with a cruiser.The Hyosung GV Aquila is a cruiser style motorcycle. The engine looks similar to the one found in the Suzuki SV by general layout, however sizes of practically all elements differ and the parts are not interchangeable. GV has belt drive contrary to GT with which it shares engine. Contrary to GT it has 5 speeds.

Headlamp for all models is always turned on when keys are turned, in accordance with US DLR regulations. US-distributed vehicles have factory-mounted passive orange light reflectors on the sides of radiator cover and red reflectors on sides of rear registration plate. In EFI versions, ECU numeric error code can be read-out instead of speed on display meter, if one switches optional diagnostic switch after starting the motor keeping the switch on prevents from starting the motor.

Fuel reserve is unusually high at 5 litres 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Categories : Hyosung motorcycles Cruiser motorcycles. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Italiano Edit links.The location? The context? Trusting girlfriend and I plus a hefty duffel bag strapped to the tank while touring Israel. The tool? As I reach the town of Arad, at the top of the plains overlooking the Dead Sea, I kindly ask my girlfriend to take a really long coffee break while I treat myself to a solo run up and down the dammed road.

The place has some reputation: small memorials where squids lost their lives line the road in the risky bits. And yet, the GTR is not fazed, even when I turn up the heat some more. So then, are the Koreans really getting it? Our first steps together have not been so sweet, though.

The GTR, the sporty full-dressed brother to the Comet GT street standard tested at MO, has got quite a presence with its red monochrome full gown, but when you get up close the overall detailing and finishing is not that convincing. The family ties with the SV are indeed tight, even if those twin mills are certainly not identical. Suspension is pretty much up to date, with an adjustable inverted fork up front, progressively linked mono on the rear, while the brakes are not last-generation stuff: floating twin-piston calipers, a similar setup to its Kawi and Suzi peers.

Moving on to the riding bit, our first miles together while city riding do not flow so smoothly. I do find the GTR a nice-fitting, small-to-medium-sized bike. There are quite few flies in the ointment, though. Notchy gear shifting and a slight off-idle hesitation make urban dwelling slightly more painful than it needs to be. Clutch pull could be lighter, and disengagement better, too. At the end of our first day together I pulled a 10mm spanner in order to rotate the clutch and brake levers down somewhat.

Kawasaki Z900 Vs Honda CBR650R Vs Hyosung GT650R comparison

With the master cylinder positioned a bit lower to fit my humanoid dimensions, the tip of its banjo bolt started to foul the fairing as I rotated the bars left to right.

That said, I must admit that after a week of riding the GTR, the urban manners of the thing improved. Looks like the gear shifting loosened up somewhat and made city riding much more enjoyable. The GTR felt much better outside city limits. As we head west towards Jerusalem, hitting some less traveled mountain roads, the sport-tour side of the Hyosung starts to show if not downright shine.

The engine has a satisfying pull from to rpm, and in semi-fast touring mood, say through mph bends, it supplies a nice drive. It might not feel as smooth and buttery as the SV's or as plain revvy as Kawasaki's Ninja R, as a certain harshness is felt at times through bars and pegs. On the straight bits, the not-so-low windscreen bubble deflects the air pretty well and lets me trot at 90 quite undisturbed.

Soon enough I find that the real ace up the GTR's sleeve comes out when things get really twisty.

hyosung 650 engine

The GT turns out to be really flickable and tracks true when put down low on its side. Though its suspension might not be the most sophisticated on earth, it does nothing that requires me to shut off or slow down despite being loaded with a rider, passenger and duffel bag. With warm tires even if those are dated Battlax BT56s my confidence in the sporty Korean grows, and by now my boots are skimming the tarmac here and there. Whoever was in charge of suspension settings at the factory surely went for a slightly stiff but controlled approach, which is good, even if every now and then, mainly over bumpy stuff, the front would do something funny.Trying to figure out which of these bikes or scooters to buy?

This comparison has been carried out on the basis of prices, engine specifications, mileage, and features of these two-wheelers. As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Hyosung GTR base engine returns 20 kmpl.

The Kawasaki Z base returns 15 kmpl. Kawasaki Z Honda CBRR. Hyosung GTR. Ex-Showroom Price. Engine CC. No Of Cylinder. Max Power. Max Torque. Valves Per Cylinder. Fuel Delivery. Cooling System.

Hyosung Aquila 650 - HR1 exhaust

Starting Mechanism. Emission Standard. Fuel Consumption. Fuel Tank Capacity. Reserve Fuel Capacity. Overall Riding Range. Dimension and Weight. Kerb Weight. Ground Clearance. Seat Height. Of Gears. Chassis and Suspension. Chassis Type. Front Suspension. Rear Suspension.

Hydraulic Mono Shock Absorber. Front Brake Type. Rear Brake Type. Wheel and Tyres.

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