Serpens starseed

Starseeds are individuals who exist here on the earth plane in a three dimensional human body, but whose soul may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe.

Do you have these Sirian Starseed Traits?

Starseeds are usually sent here to complete a type of mission, or they may have personally chosen to be here for a specific purpose. Although starseeds are born without the conscious memories of why they are on the earth plane, they may often have a subconscious knowledge of why they are here.

One of the first goals of the starseed is to lift the veil of forgettfulness and remember their purpose. This purpose is often to complete a mission which usually involved helping humanity in some way or another. A large number of starseeds are incarnating during these changing times as we shift into the new age and into a higher energetic vibration.

The synchronicity often triggers a Starseed Awakening. Most starseeds are experiencing the human incarnation for the very first time. If it is the starseed souls first earthly experience in a human body they may have a hard time adjusting to the dense and limited frequencies of the earth plane and may experience a sense of alienation throughout their lives.

Some starseeds have yet to awaken to any degree, while others have always felt very different from most people and unable to relate, feeling "out of place" and often having a deep longing to "go home", only they do not know where home is exactly.

As the starseed begins to awaken to their purpose and earthly mission these feelings of isolation may start to diminish. When starseeds find other starseeds there may be an instant connection or resonance. Some starseeds may have incarnated on the earth before, having many previous lifetimes; this can make the process of remembering their original purpose for incarnating in the first place very difficult as they become more and more accustomed to the human energy and earth vibration.

It is possible that the starseed soul may keep incarnating on the earth plane until they "wake up" and remember what their earthly mission is. A majority of starseeds are assigned here, or volunteered to incarnate at this time to help assist earth and humanity with the Ascension process.

The ascension process involves the raising of energy to a higher vibrational frequency. For individuals this involves a shift from a denser and egoic state of duality consciousness to a more unity and heart based consciousness. The earth is operating on a third dimensional 3D level of vibration, energetically speaking. Most starseeds have originated from the fourth dimensional level or higher, although the energy of the 4D souls is more suited for the vibrations of this third dimension.

As we near and for much time beyond, consciousness and the planet itself will be making a transition from the 3D energy into a higher dimensional frequency. The higher vibration of the starseed soul that comes in may be better able to assist in this process of ascension.

As approaches more and more starseeds might start "waking up" due to the familiarity of the new vibrations coming in. Most starseeds share very similar personality traits, interests, ideas and sometimes even similar memories or "cosmic experiences". There are many characteristics that define a star seeded soul and many unique and unusual symptoms they may experience.

Synchronicities often guide them through the awakening process. If you or someone you know is a starseed they may resonate with most if not all of the starseed traits and experiences. The concept of a Walk-In is somewhat similar to Starseeds.

A Walk-in is a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul. This is soul exchange takes place volunteerely for many reasons, usually when the original soul is experiencing physical, mental or emotional difficulty with it's current life inarnation and wishes to depart without physical death.

In order to do so, another soul must volunteer to come in and exhange places with the host soul. The walk in theory should not be confused with "possession". The actual exchange commonly takes place during a traumatic event or accident in the original souls' life, or during an unconscious state of mind.

Once the walk-in occurs the new soul becomes "the consciouss blueprint" of the original, retaining all memories and life experiences as if nothing had ever happened.

Like starseeds, the walk-in soul usually originates from a 4D or higher dimensional level, although the 4D is the most common since it's vibration is closer to the 3D vibration and the "adjustment" can take place more easily.Would you like to know starseed markings for other star systems?

Click here for my eBook that describes starseed markings for 12 stars and star systems! Identifying starseed origins and incarnations is often one of the most comforting and validating spiritual experiences — as we often find out that we are not crazy! Many starseeds have experiences that we cannot explain intellectually and that often leaves us wondering if they were real experiences or not. This can leave us doubting out own memories and experiences.

Discovering your starseed origins and incarnations can really show you the power of your own intuition. When identifying starseed origins and incarnations there are typically three main methods of doing that:.

Use Starseed Markings in your Birth Chart — There are various sets of starseed markings or starseed alignments in your birth chart what indicate starseed origins and incarnations.

Through decades of work, Lavendar has identified celestial body aspects in birth charts that indicate a Pleiadian lineage.

Use Starseed Traits — There are many websites out there including this one that provides information on the personality, behavioral traits and physical features of starseeds from various star systems.

You can read up on these traits and use your intuition to identify your starseed origins and incarnations. You can check out these pages to help you identify your origins and incarntions:. Ultimately, whether you remember a lot or nothing, your intuition will be instrumental in identifying your starseed origins and incarnations. Have your birth chart created and look for the above aspects to see if you have Pleiadian lineage.

Check out my new YouTube Video on how to interpret your birth chart for starseed origins and incarnations. The Pleiades was my most recent incarnation before incarnating on Earth. Arcturus influences my subconsciousness and how I interact with the collective consciousness. The Pleiades influences my Ego, my conscious mind and my emotional self. Origins tend to influence us at our deepest levels while recent incarnations tend to influence our Ego and conscious mind. For this reason, we starseeds often confuse our origins with our most recent incarnations.

We assume that our origins would influence our conscious mind but that is not always the case. By working on the foundations supplied by Lavendar and her Pleiadian starseed markings and cross referencing with native American astrology, I was able to identify what I believe are starseed markings for Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Orion, Vega, Lyra, Hydra, Centaurus and Cygnus.

Are you interested in learning how to connect with your ET spirit. Yes — the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are considered. Any alignments with them will indicate a recent incarnation. I sent an email and payment last night for a chart.

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What are we talking about here? Sun, Moon, Ascendant signs? Thank you.Serpens is a constellation of the northern hemisphere. One of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, it remains one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union.

It is unique among the modern constellations in being split into two non-contiguous parts, Serpens Caput Serpent's Head to the west and Serpens Cauda Serpent's Tail to the east. Between these two halves lies the constellation of Ophiuchusthe "Serpent-Bearer".

Are You A Secret Sirian Starseed? 9 Ways To Tell If You’re From Another Planet!

Part of the Milky Way passes through Serpens Cauda, which is therefore rich in deep-sky objects, such as the Eagle Nebula IC and its associated star cluster Messier The nebula measures 70 light-years by 50 light-years and contains the Pillars of Creation, three dust clouds that became famous for the image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Located in Serpens Caput are Seyfert's Sextet, one of the densest galaxy clusters known, and Arpthe prototypical ultraluminous infrared galaxy. In addition, it also contains the Hercules — Corona Borealis Great Wall, the largest object in the universe. Covering It appears prominently in the both the northern and southern skies during the Northern Hemisphere's summer. Its main asterism consists of 11 stars, and stars in total are brighter than magnitude 6.

In Greek Mythology, Serpens represents a snake held by Asclepius, a healer. Asclepius, represented in the sky by the constellation Ophiuchuswhich splits Serpens into two distinct halves, was known for killing a snake that was resurrected because a different snake had placed a certain herb on it before its "death".

Serpens is depicted as either winding around Ophiuchus in the night sky or simply passing through him, although the precise reason for either of these is unknown. In some ancient atlases, the constellations Serpens and Ophiuchus were depicted as two separate constellations, although in most they were shown as a single constellation.

Back in this time, there were no official constellation boundaries, so when depicted separately, their bodies were not intertwined with each other. In Chinese astronomy, most of the stars of Serpens represented part of a wall surrounding a marketplace, known as Tianshi, which was in Ophiuchus and part of Hercules.

Serpens also contains a few Chinese constellations. Two stars in the tail represented part of Shilou, the tower with the market office. Another star in the tail represented Liesi, jewel shops.Starseeds originate from many different higher or alternate dimensional planes, parallel universes, star systems, planets, galaxies, and planes of existence.

Just a few examples of Starseed origins are the Pleiades, Orion, the Lyran constellation. We have all chosen to live here physically, at this time. Firstly, there is a group of humans from the Sirius star system whose culture is much older than ours. Coming originally from Vega, the home of humanity, they have been around a lot longer than humans and are our ancestors. During these visits, they shared their wisdom on astronomy and mathematics with various tribes throughout the world, including the Dogon of West Africa.

The consciousness of Sirius was also deeply interwoven into the ancient religious practices of Ancient Egypt. Formulated to connect with Isis and various different feline Gods, the Ancient Egyptians even built the Great Pyramids to align with the Sirius constellation. This can still be felt each August, during the Lionsgate Portal. They desire is to align our world into harmony and for us to be able to express unconditional love and unity as they can back on their own planet.

serpens starseed

One of their planets, named Sirius B, is a water planet that contains dolphins, whales and merpeople. It vibrates at an incredibly high, non-physical, 6D frequency. So connecting in with the whale and dolphin energy is a great way to reconnect you to the wisdom of Sirius as we evolve towards a Sirian system on the planet.

The Sirians plan to teach us about our true state in this universe. They aim to bring us their forms of healing, working and living in general. We are not going to turn into them, however, we can do many things much better than we do them now, thus being fully environmental and honoring our planet. We were designed to be Guardians of this world, like the dolphins and whales, and we will begin to do this in the future. Their desire is to re-align planet Earth with love and harmony, and for us to be able to express unconditional love and unity, as they can back on their own planet.

Sirius A has a companion dwarf star, named Sirius B. Sirius B vibrates at an incredibly high, non-physical, 6D frequency. For this reason, connecting with the whale and dolphin energy is a great way to change your own frequency and heighten your level of consciousness, as Earth evolves towards a more Sirian kind of star system.

We were designed to be Guardians of planet Earth, like the dolphins and whales. And this is the path that we will begin to follow as the future unfolds.

serpens starseed

We will also travel out into space, becoming involved in the Galactic Federation and the greater universe. But how do you know if you have extraterrestrial origins, and are a Sirian Starseed?

They are the diamonds of the planet. They achieve their goals easily and are open-minded and straight forward. They are stable and secure even when the world is crashing down around them.Would you like to know which starseed markings YOU have in your birth chart? Are you a Sirian starseed? Find out! Click here for my eBook that describes starseed markings for 12 stars and star systems! It is on this day that the Earth and the Sun line up with Sirius. The colour of the star has been in discussion since ancient times, with ancient people describing the colour as reddish-orange.

Today, the larger star is a white-blue colour. Beings from Sirius are younger than beings from Arcturus and Lyra but older than beings from Pleiades and Earth. Sirius is a star system that shows a high degree of variability in the appearance of Sirians. There are feline-like beings, blue skinned beings, elemental beings and lion beings that have wings.

When I connect with Sirius, it often reminds me of World of Warcraft in the diversity and appearance of the beings.

Sirians tend to be very fantastical and mystical. They produce many great wizards, shamans, healers, witches and other types of mystics. The Sirian star system has several inhabitable planets, which explains the diversity in the beings from Sirius. Are you a Sirian Starseed? Sirian starseeds tend to work in areas including the arts, music and writing but they also work in areas of mystical healing, witchcraft and energy work.

Sirian starseeds may also work protecting the environment and the rights of animals. Sirians have really embraced tattoos and piercings, as they love art that expresses who they are. The energy vibration of Sirius is a combination of blue and orange, which is why they like to communicate and express themselves through art. Likewise Sirius embodies the energies of the Throat and Sacral chakras. Do you think you might be a Sirian starseed but you need some validation?

You must be logged in to post a comment. Rated 5. Rated 3.Who you are has a lot to do with the day, date and time you incarnated here on Earth, due to the specific planetary starseed alignments at the time of your birth.

The alignment of specific planetary positions in the houses will tell you what specific type of destiny you have chosen for this incarnation. It can also tell you the origin of your starseed lineage.

For example, if a person has numerous planetary birth alignments within the 25 to 27 degree range, then it is likely that this person has a Pleiadian lineage. To find out your specific starseed alignments, you can check out this free birth chart reading here. If you have a lot of these, then chances are, you have a Pleiadian lineage. There are probably other lineages with varying degree ranges, such as ArcturianSirianetc… but I do not know what number ranges they fall in.

You can have many soul groups that include literally millions of people! I had a star chart reading performed by Lavendar who revealed many interesting things about me.

Starseed Markings in your Birth Chart

Here is a brief preview of what I learned about my birthday :. Sun Sign: 26 degrees Libra, 12th house When you were born, you were born a very fragile butterfly with hummingbird energy.

5.5 HZ🏵STAR SEED UNITY TONES🏵Spiritual Awakening Sleep Meditation🏵DELTA TO ALPHA Binaural Beats

You have great capacity for compassion and the 26 degrees shows the mark of starseed. You came in on the frequency of 26 Libra. You are sooo Pleiadian, you are so in tune with the 7 sisters, with the Pleiadian experiments on the planet. Venus 27, Scorpio in the 2nd house: You are really attuned to This is about you bridging the gap of understanding with people. It is Pleiadian in origin and you have been on ship, many, many times.

When you were a child, you were taken and they tagged you. You kept your promise, they kept theirs. You have the responsibility of knowing about the crystal powerpoints on the planet.

This is a deep seeded thing about Atlantis and you know it. Thank goodness the internet came along when it did because now you can absolutely do something worthwhile and that is: have a website, a blog, a forumconnect with people like yourself.

You have 5 different soul groups that you have connected with at different times. You have 5 different groups of these beings who are waiting for you to bring them the information they need. They need to jump forward to their next place. A lot of them are asleep. A lot of them are awake. August 20th found you in a particular timing mechanism because they came, took you aboard ship and completely rewired you.

They had to set up your boundaries for you because you just want to love and help everybody. You need boundaries, which will keep you safer, cleaner in spirit and will keep you on track to find your 5 different groups.

As you can see, your birthday and the planetary alignments at the time of your birth are much more than a coincidence. The date and time of your birth can reveal the destiny that you chose as well as the soul groups that will reunite with you.

Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott! About the Author : Gregg Prescott, M. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.At this end of our evolution cycle, many different variations of souls from a vast array of planets, galaxies and universes have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D planet earth.

All have come in order to experience the shifting of Consciousness fields on planet earth at this time. These particular souls that have incarnated in a 3D human body are referred to as Starseeds.

Starseeds entered this planetary consciousness body to experience reincarnation and activate their spiritual mission for a wide variety of reasons and interests. The primary goal was to re-establish the potential freedom from forced reincarnation that humans have been stuck in and to restore the DNA template of humans.

serpens starseed

Both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials have been involved with this planet for millions of years, and they have never left this planet.

This was known on the planet until the last 5, years, when most of this knowledge and its written history were destroyed. Many Starseeds were aware of a spiritual warfare between extraterrestrial races here, however when most got here, they were subjected to the many alien implants, mind control systems, and dark force infiltration like all human beings. For those reasons many still remain asleep or subverted to the fact of their real spiritual mission and consciousness.

For some starseeds, this lifetime is a recon mission that was required to gather the intel needed to comprehend the levels of genetic damage, the source of planetary invasion, the identity of the main intruder races, and attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the souls which had been enslaved, abused and entrapped in repeated reincarnation cycles.

One of the primary issues is the horrifying violation of the human soul from negative alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse, soul body siphoning, and using living human bodies sperm and ovum to genetically farm human and E. For other starseeds, their mission is to help raise the vibration of earth and of the human race so we can move out of a 3D earth and into a 4D earth. Starseeds experience a total amnesia as to their true identities, however, each is encoded with an activation switch.

This is a big reason why many are seeing,etc. This is the most common right now. They experience an innate loneliness and a longing to return home. While they are quick to discern human agendas, they find human behavior to be bewildering and irrational and are reluctant to involve themselves with society. One of the most telling Starseed characteristics is their feeling of genuine excitement upon learning that they might not be human after all. You always have a feeling of homesickness.

This may even lead to depression in some cases.

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